LHA is pleased to announce that our client, KnowledgeHound, has been acquired by YouGov

La Honda Advisors (“LHA”) is pleased to announce our client, KnowledgeHound, a leading search-driven analytics SaaS company, has been acquired by YouGov [LON: YOU].

The acquisition further extends the capabilities of YouGov’s Crunch survey analytics platform to handle the needs of large brands. KnowledgeHound complements this with an effective platform for data discovery, integration, and productization of reports for brands.

“The La Honda team was an invaluable partner to getting our deal closed. We received multiple offers, and La Honda was able to negotiate an optimal transaction. The deal had a lot of challenging moments, and they were able to solve various complex issues that arose, all while keeping the buyer on track throughout the process. They were there for us at all hours, and their perspective and judgment on many points was crucial to us crossing the finish line.”

–Laura Baker, CEO
About KnowledgeHound

KnowledgeHound is a SaaS-based search-driven analytics platform that connects and transforms existing structured data from disparate systems, bringing them together in one place. Headquartered in Chicago and founded in 2014, KnowledgeHound enables brands to maximize the value and impact of their consumer data. Its Fortune 500 customer base spans across industries and is leveraged by top brands across Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical, Technology, Insurance, and Media companies.

About YouGov

Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, YouGov [LON: YOU] is an international online research data and analytics technology group whose mission is to offer unparalleled insight into what the world thinks. The company’s innovative solutions help the world’s most recognized brands, media owners, and agencies to plan, activate and track their marketing activities better. With operations in the UK, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, India, and Asia Pacific, YouGov has one of the world’s largest research networks.

Alex McIntosh, YouGov’s Chief Financial Officer: “YouGov’s acquisition of KnowledgeHound represents a significant shift in what the industry should expect from data analytics platforms. By adding KnowledgeHound – a leading search-based survey data analysis solution – to YouGov Crunch – the ultimate tool for granular data analysis – we will make it easier than ever before to get fast, actionable, reliable insights all in one place.”

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