Our Story

Our Story

A Window of Opportunity.

When we decided to build our own advisory firm, we followed a simple principle:

Focus on the entrepreneur and deliver thoughtful, unbiased advice.

We know that each client has their own story and it is critical to listen to their goals, motivations, and challenges.

At La Honda Advisors, we provide personalized, hands-on, and focused transaction advisory services that are transparent, collaborative, and unique:

  • Thorough assessment of our client’s business, including providing the full range of available strategic and financial alternatives
  • Constructive re-evaluation of the client’s positioning, including the financial model and presentation
  • Personalized marketing process where our partners make all outbound calls to their 30+ year relationships
  • Highly impactful negotiation of all offers, including creating innovative and creative solutions to the benefit of our clients

We know that each client is unique, and we are inspired by all of our clients’ accomplishments. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your founding story and would be honored to work with you to achieve your financial and strategic goals.

“We don’t advise great companies, we advise the people who build them.

–David Ketsdever,
LHA Partner

Our Core Values



Transparency as to how an engagement proceeds from start to finish.


Creative Strategies

All-encompassing advice based on knowledge of the full spectrum of options.



Hands-on constructive re-evaluation of everything.



Partners with broad networks of relationships who make the calls.



A team that sees a deal all the way from kick-off to closing.